The Most Expensive Weddings In The History Of Hollywood

holywood weddingsIt’s the dream of most young girls to have a wedding fit for a princess. Perhaps a wedding in a magnificent castle at a picturesque location, wearing a dress that is the envy of all.
While most of us will be happy with a gift of a new coffee maker or set of bed linen on our wedding day, the Hollywood stars will likely be expecting a little more as they unwrap their presents while sipping Kristal Champagne.
Here are three of the most expensive weddings in the history of Hollywood and gifts the couples received.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Married in 2014, Kim and Kanye, estimates for their two-day wedding celebrations range from $12 million to $30 million! Starting with a glamorous party at the Palace Of Versailles with $6000 bottles of champagne and a spectacular firework display costing over $200,000. The couple and their 600 guests shuttled between Paris and Florence bto be married outdoors at the16th century Forte di Belvedere. Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli serenaded Kanye and Kim wearing her $2 million Givenchy gown.

Their wedding gifts included a pair of gold-plated, Swarovski crystal-encrusted Dr Dre Beats headphones with a price tag of $2,500 and a $60,000 ultra-modern Nottage Design pool table made of toughened glass covered by a transparent surface that has the feel of a traditional cloth-topped version. Little North wasn’t left out either with a gift of a 1936 BMW 328 Children’s Car costing $18,000.

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes 2006 set them back $2 million. Married at the Odescalchi Castle in Lake Bracciano, the bride wore an Armani gown with an ivory silk train of Valenciennes lace and Swarovski beaded crystal embroidery costing $45.000. Tom’s Armani tuxedo was a comparative bargain at $3,000.

Among their 150 guests were Will Smith, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez who between them quaffed $180,000 of wine and champagne.
Gifts included 500g of Terra Neva coffee beans a sterling silver sack that costs $5,000 (including a coffee machine). For their daughter Suri, a $1,750 David Linley walnut height chart will save the kitchen door from biro marks.

Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise’s Wedding by nuptialstv

Donald Trump and Melania Knauss


5 Best Wedding Movies of All Time

The Wedding Singer

People who are only familiar with the gross-out comedy of Adam Sandler are going to have to work hard to convince themselves that this is the same man. Adam Sandler demonstrates that he really can act and write music in this wedding movie.

Mamma Mia

This is a film that is going to be enchanting to a lot of people, and not just to the most seasoned fans of ABBA. The centerpiece of this musical adaptation is still a wedding, making this one of the more unique wedding movies. It is a wedding movie that also manages to double as a rock opera. It also stars the eternal screen legend Meryl Streep demonstrating that she can act and sing.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

This is one of the funniest wedding movies people are going to see. It is a film written by British comedy legends and brought to life by some of the biggest stars of the 1990’s, one of the best decades for film in general. People who want romantic comedies that are truly romantic and comedic at the same time will love this modern classic.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (more…)

Best TV Shows Today

American Crime

american crime

Television has been absolutely full of police procedural stories and crime dramas for a long time, well before the Golden Age of television. As such, the fact that this television show still manages to feel as new and special as it does should surprise even more people. This is a crime story that isn’t as episodic as many of the others, and it manages to touch on the uncomfortable topics that would be too much for even many of the other greatest television shows. Network television is now struggling to compete with Netflix almost everywhere, and American Crime manages to rise to the occasion in a way that has been difficult for many of the other best shows.

Better Call Saul

better call saul

Breaking Bad was an excellent show and it managed to inspire one of the best spin-off series that has ever been created. Many people are loving this earlier look at the life of the deliciously shady attorney Saul, who has managed to become one of the most popular characters in all of television history. This is a series that is especially popular in the United States and Canada, although it has managed to have international appeal now. Better Call Saul may be regarded as one of best shows of all time after some time has passed.