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This website is meant for all those TV-lovers who follow all kinds of different shows, programs, movies, and all sorts of news on digital entertainment. In the sea of websites that offer the focus on celebrity news, we are rather interested in actors and actresses, stories about movies, set anecdotes, best films and series of our time and of all times. Movies are a great part of our lives. Digital entertainment is always an option after a long day, in the morning while we are eating breakfast, when we are happy and when we are sad, when we want to have fun and when we want to relax. TV is always there, and we are determined to scroll through the channels until we find the perfect TV program. To help you with that, this site will bring you the all necessary information you need to know.

The Aim

There is something particular for everyone who loves this kind of digital entertainment. Our aim is to present you the most interesting information on movies, which might draw your attention to watch them for the first time or watch them again. We are dedicated to bringing you in-depth reviews of movies and TV shows of all genres, from action to sci-fi, from adventures to drama. For all movie lovers, these kinds of info are priceless! You will be able to see the movies that are coming soon in cinemas, bluerays and other sources of screening.

The Team

Our team is comprised of knowledgeable film enthusiasts who are ready to give you the right information at the right time. The team members are interested in different genres, and they will certainly try to cover various aspects of digital entertainment. They will make a great base for you to come back and visit us again. This will be the site you will come back to every time you yearn for a good movie to watch, every time you want to know the latest info about your favourite shows. It is not a website which is eager to promote celebrity gossip or speculations. Therefore, we are positive that you will visit us over and over. We will try to provide you with the latest information in the world of TV shows and movies.


We are going to deal with all sorts of movie-related facts you probably did not know! For example, did you know that Sean Connery wore a wig in Bond movies? Did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger only said 700 words in Terminator 2: Judgement Day and that he was paid around $21,500 for each word? Or that Heath Ledger almost broke Jake Gyllenhaal’s nose while trying to kiss him in Brokeback Mountain? These are some of those interesting facts you can find on our site. As much as you love watching movies, you will love to read the news and facts about them on our site.

Our Goal

Our goal is to have digital entertainment fan base that will be ready to give us feedback on their favourite stories, movies and TV shows. We will work together to give you the best TV shows of today, the best movies of certain genres or a particular period, best female or male roles and many other lists. Some of these will be familiar to movie watching audience, while others may come as a surprise. Hopefully, you will be satisfied with our service and visit our site on a weekly or daily basis.

Movies are meant to be fun, educational and relaxing, and we are able to have all that in the package for a great day. This further means, that this website will also be equally fun, educational and relaxing for you. There is something about digital entertainment that keeps us connected to our TVs all the time. And with the help of our team, through our site, we will make sure that we find out the main reason for that. There are movies which are meant to be watched several times, and this does not bother us in any way. You will be interested to read about them even though you may have already seen them for a couple of times.

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This site will also devote attention to the most famous and best actors, actresses, directors, and producers, as well as the film crews. Our team will certainly try to find interesting and amusing facts that you did not know about them, as well as set anecdotes and other stories related to them. We are usually eager to find out more about these things, about the transformation of actors into certain characters, the inspiration for particular scenarios or payments for some of the most popular roles. And once again, you will not read gossip or speculations between the celebrity couples, their incidents on the night out, their personal problems. We are here to be professional and offer you the pieces of information on the things that matter in the film industry. It is a fact, and because of these characteristics, our website will be different than many others, and therefore, we hope you will visit our page a lot.